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DFCSG fans is a new premium service developed by the club as a platform for fans to get the latest updates and special deals curated for local Doraemon fans. It also serves as a platform for fans to connect with each other and share news that the club did not publish with one another on the platform.

The premium service will operate as a subscription-based service and all fees paid for the subscription will be used for the developments and maintenance of the club, as well as for the sourcing and curating of special deals for the fans who are subscribed to the platform. We aim to prioritise news notifications on the platform with the help of automation on the website. The service will offer a two-tier subscription plans at the initial stage. The two plans are DFCSG fans and DFCSG fans+, with the latter being a higher tier plan where fans will get prioritised news notifications and deals. The future developments of the service will depend on the responses received after the official launch of the service. We assure our fans that the fees paid are fully used for the club’s operations and future developments.


PlanDFCSG fansDFCSG fans+
Subscription feeSGD 1.50/monthSGD 22.00/year or SGD 2.20/month
Benefits^+News update notification
+Website post update notification
+DFCSG fans limited deals
+Other benefits coming soon…
+Prioritised DFCSG fans deals
+Welcome/Anniversary gift*
+DFCSG fans+ community
+Include all DFCSG fans benefits
+Other benefits coming soon…

*Application required, for yearly subscribers only.
^Benefits can change from time to time without prior notice. In case of dispute, Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore’s decision shall be final.

Platform used

The premium service will be launched on Telegram. Making use of Telegram’s channel and group features, fans can expect a different experience in the club. These features allow fans to connect with one another and get news notifications whenever we publish on this website, ensuring fans will not miss out any news just because the fans did not regularly check their social media or this website. Subscribers of the DFCSG fans+ plan can also connect with one another and the people behind the club in a group made for these subscribers only.

Subscription-based service

Like most other clubs, Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore will need funds to run on. If fundings were not raised in time, the club will eventually be out of funds and it will be difficult for the club to continue operating. Since founded, the club ran on limited fundings and raise funds through its unique e-Commerce service. However, it is difficult to maintain consistent funds raised throughout the years. Hence, a solution to it is required to ensure that the club will always have sufficient fundings to maintain its operations. After analysing people’s interest in clubs and confirming that the local fans are interested to join DFCSG as a club member, we decided to officially launch membership. Hence, Project DFCSG fans is activated to launch a premium, subscription-based service which enables fans to finally join the club and show proofs of them being a part of the club. By launching the service, the club can also ensure that there will be a consistent flow of income to maintain sufficient fundings for the club to maintain its operations.


Like most other fan clubs, fans will expect fans limited services and other benefits that are special to fans. DFCSG will also strive to achieve the same for fans. Some fans-limited benefits include closed-door fans events and some fans-limited deals. Other benefits that are prioritised for subscribers of the service are fans special deals such as discounted prices for fans and bulk purchases. As the club continues growing and build its network of partners, we believe that fans will be able to expect more benefits in future.

The launch

The service launch is split into a few phases to allow time for fine-tuning and assessment of the feasibility of the service.

The first phase of the launch, the beta phase started in Q1 2023.

The next phase will be the soft launch of the service which is expected to begin in H2 2023.

After a series of assessments and fine-tuning in the first two phases, the following roadmap of the service will then be confirmed.

We expect that the service will officially launch in Q3 2024, subject to delays and changes. Stay tuned!