Doraemon “STAY HOME” Special

DFCSG English version

Dear all,

Please feel free to download our English version of the Doraemon “STAY HOME” Special posters and wallpapers. Stay Safe!

#SGUnited, Together we can overcome!

Sample Image Title Download
Posters for business use
PDF [2.31MB]
PNG [9.82MB]
【しずかちゃん】消毒のご協力をお願いします_DFCSGENGLISH 【Shizuka】We appreciate your cooperation in disinfection JPEG [6.12MB]
PDF [2.63MB]
PNG [10.78MB]
【Takecopter】We’re delivering JPEG [5.68MB]
PDF [2.45MB]
PNG [10.03MB]
【ドラえもん】営業時間を変更しています_DFCSGENGLISH 【Doraemon】Change of business hours JPEG [6.10MB]
PDF [2.63MB]
PNG [10.69MB]
Posters for home use to show appreciation to delivery personnel
【どこでもドア】配達ありがとうございます_DFCSGENGLISH 【Dokodemo Door】Thank you for your delivery JPEG [7.59MB]
PDF [3.16MB]
PNG [13.66MB]
【ポスト】配達ありがとうございます_DFCSGENGLISH 【Post】Thank you for your delivery JPEG [1.48MB]
PDF [668.52KB]
PNG [2.38MB]
【逆立ち】配達ありがとうございます_DFCSGENGLISH 【Handstand】Thank you for your delivery JPEG [6.62MB]
PDF [2.76MB]
PNG [11.71MB]
Doraemon’s message wallpaper
doraemon_stayhome_BG_DFCSGENGLISH Video Conference wallpaper JPEG [1.16MB]
PNG [2.59MB]
PC wallpaper JPEG [1.23MB]
PNG [2.90MB]
doraemon_stayhome_SP_DFCSGENGLISH Smartphone wallpaper JPEG [350.95KB]
PNG [971.00KB]
Let’s become Nobita wallpaper
200501_nobita_stayhome_BG_DFCSGENGLISH Video Conference wallpaper JPEG [360.81KB]
PNG [425.99KB]
200501_nobita_stayhome_PC_DFCSGENGLISH PC wallpaper JPEG [370.31KB]
PNG [448.79KB]
200501_nobita_stayhome_SP_DFCSGENGLISH Smartphone wallpaper JPEG [204.30KB]
PNG [233.52KB]