Preview Tickets Giveaway (Closed)

Contest #1: Caption this Image!

Contest has ended

Contest #2: Do You Know?

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Contest #3: Let’s Wefie!


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Grand Draw: Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore 2nd Anniversary


Contest has ended


Winners please PM us your Name (as in NRIC) and contact number on FB for details on collection of tickets. Winners who failed to contact us within the given timeframe will be disqualified and prize will not be given.

  • Contest #1 Winner:
    Kai Wen
  • Contest #2 Winner:
    Arrow Chan
  • Contest #3 Winner:
    Kwan Jiahao (Disqualified)
  • Grand Draw Winners:
    Aaron Wj Chan (Disqualified)
    Ced Terence Chen (Disqualified)
    Dominic Charlton Chan (Disqualified)
    Henry Tan
    Lilian Lee (Disqualified)
    HuatMan Lee (Disqualified)
    Hsiao Ring
    Oscar Chee
    Jovius Kwok
    Geraldine Lee

Terms & Conditions

  1. For the Grand Draw, tickets will not be given on a first-come-first-served basis. All valid posts go through an electronic-balloting system.
  2. Ticket allocation will be prioritized for fans who have not already participated and won in any contests related to this movie.
  3. Tickets are not for sale. If anyone is found guilty of selling the free tickets won from the grand draw or contests held by Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore, he/she shall be disqualified in but not limited to future contests and/or events held by us without warning.
  4. Fans who won the tickets are expected to be present on the screening day itself, otherwise, the fan will be disqualified from participating in but not limited to future contests and/or events held by us without warning.
  5. Decisions made by Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore shall be final.
  6. Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on this website immediately.