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Full list of UNIQLO 2022 Doraemon UT Collection, Official Launch 21 April 2022

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After some delays, the 2022 Doraemon UT Collection will finally be launching in Singapore in a week’s time! At the time of writing, the collection had already launched in areas like Japan, Korea, Mainland China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The availability of the designs for the collection varies across the different regions. In Singapore, we are expecting a total of ten designs (4 Graphic T-Shirts + 3 Shorts from the Kids category, and 3 Graphic T-Shirts from the Baby Toddler category) for the collection to be available – up from six reported earlier (2022 Doraemon UT Collection Delayed Again). This is however, subject to change. Please refer to UNIQLO Singapore’s website or in their stores from the launch date for the most up-to-date list of designs.

The collection is expected to be available for purchase online and in stores. The prices range from SGD12.90 to SGD14.90 ea. The designs available are listed below. The designs are picked from some scenes from the manga! How many do you remember?

Remember to mark your date and check them out!

For more information on the collection’s launch in other regions, please refer to our Taiwanese partner’s website, chinesedora.com [Traditional Chinese] for more details.


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