Introducing EPLIP1

Introducing EPLIP

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As part of our DFCSG e-Store transformation and improvement, we are now officially introducing the Estimated Pricelist Lock In Period or EPLIP in short. The EPLIP first launched as a trial in 2020 during a Pre-Order of exclusive Doraemon merchandises and the trial was a success! Now, we have decided to launch it officially and all our future one-time Pre-Orders will be able to enjoy this newly launched feature.

Want to learn more about what the EPLIP is all about? Read on!

Introducing EPLIP2
Introduction to EPLIP
Introducing EPLIP3
Introducing EPLIP4
How EPLIP works?

Sometimes pictures speak better than words. Here’s a very simple comparison between EPLIP orders and Ordinary orders.

Introducing EPLIP5

If you still have time and want to know more about their differences, here are some example cases!

Introducing EPLIP6
Comparison Case A
Introducing EPLIP7
Comparison Case B
Introducing EPLIP8
Comparison Case C

The EPLIP is a very helpful feature for our fans like you, assuring you the best prices when you confirm your orders early. The next time you pre-order with us, make sure you order within the EPLIP to enjoy the best prices!


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