New Year EZ-Link Giveaway Notice

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We have an urgent notice to all our fans for the EZ-Link Giveaway. We believe that some of our fans may have noticed that the original post of the Giveaway is removed. This is because the post contains contents which are not approved for use.

Hence, we have to remove the post and repost a new post on our Facebook Page and Instagram Page. We have already took a note on those who have participated in the Giveaway through the removed posts. These participants will still get their chance(s) of winning in the Giveaway. However, we encourage them to do so again on the new posts to secure their Giveaway chance(s) to avoid instances where we left out some of the names.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused. Please head to our Facebook Page and Instagram Page to re-participate/participate in the giveaway.


Founder of Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore