NMS Exhibition: Doraemon’s Time-Travelling Adventures in Singapore

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Our beloved robo-cat is here in Singapore to celebrate his 50th anniversary and bring cheer to the citizens in this period of pandemic!

With the concept of using a nostalgic character from our childhood to introduce artefacts in Singapore to us, the National Museum of Singapore (NMS) has provided us with a common ground of remembrance and appreciation of Doraemon and his gadgets from the future.

The exhibition includes 3 main areas of exhibit:

1. Front lawn


This is possibly where you would be spending the most time at, as there are 14 different Doraemon statues at the lawn which means 14 different photo opportunities!


The statues are unique with Doraemon holding a different gadget each. It’s time to showcase your knowledge of Doraemon’s gadgets and identify them as you go along each statue.


If you are sharing your photo on social media, do tag us @DFCSG to let us know which is your favorite gadget and why! Do remember, however, that social distancing rules have to be adhered to – even if it is with Doraemon.


NMS have demarcated positions where you can stand with designs on the grass. Look out for the respective positions and your photo will turn out nicely with the specially drawn markings. There are also designated areas where you can stand while waiting to take photos with the statues.

2. Front of the museum shop

AN AN AN tottemo daisuki DORAEMON


The iconic time machine Doraemon uses to travel through the past and future has stopped by right outside the museum shop.


As you queue by the bell stickers on the floor to snap a shot with the time machine, listen closely and you will hear the classic theme song of Doraemon tv series. Fans of Doraemon that have been to the Doraemon 100 Secret Gadget Expo might also recognise the other Doraemon statue in the exhibit area.


Do you recognise this form of Doraemon? If you do, spread the love and share the story of the birth of Doraemon!

3. Singapore History Gallery


Tucked away in the corner of the Gallery is an exhibit where some gadgets of Doraemon are displayed as well as commercial products from the past.


The contrast of past and future gadgets certainly allows us to put on our thinking caps and reflect on what innovations we would like to see in the future especially in the time of a pandemic like Covid-19.


As part of the Collecting Contemporary Singapore initiative to broaden the museum’s contemporary collection, the museum will also like to hear from the public on the classic gadgets of their time – these can be shared by tagging the museum on social media with the hashtag #MySGGadget and pictures of iconic science and technology items.

Aside from the exhibitions onsite, NMS has prepared a series of virtual activities for you in the comfort of your own home from the 31th of October. Attractive prizes like Doraemon Singapore-themed collectibles designed by homegrown design-led lifestyle goods brand Supermama, could be won as you participate in the activities. Onsite activities are also scheduled to start during the November school holidays. Visit https://go.gov.sg/timetravelwithnms for more information about the activities.

We can’t wait for you to meet Doraemon and share your insights!

Doraemon’s Time-Travelling Adventures exhibition at National Museum of Singapore is open to the public from 31st October to 27th December. Free admission for Singapore Citizens and PR.


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