DFCSG COVID-19 Response Final Update

DFCSG’s response to COVID-19 Pandemic – Final Update

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Brief Introduction

As the COVID-19 Pandemic condition in Singapore stabilise and the local government relaxing most COVID-19 restrictions, Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore will be providing our final update on the club’s response to the Pandemic.

Our Response


Our services were heavily affected since the Pandemic hit and at some point, most services came to a halt while those that were still running were heavily scaled down. Since then, we have been trying our best to bring up those services while complying to the restrictions. The services finally started recovering beginning this year with a few of our services finally returning back to normal recently. However, we would like to highlight that this does not mean that our club will return to full service capability anytime soon. In fact, we will be altering our services regularly based on the latest assessment made by our club to provide the best service for our fans while running under limited resources. We are targeting at providing half of our services at normal state by the end of this year. This will be made possible by implementing automation and reducing fragmentation in our systems/platforms. One of the successful steps we took was the upgrade of our website which features a better frontend and backend. The upgrade also allowed us to implement more automations and for us to publish news easily on our SNS with a simple direct link to the article.

Service outlook

As we further step into a post-Pandemic life, we will further recover our services and hopefully, invite more volunteers to join us in managing the club so we could develop and improve our existing services. We will also launch a new premium service this year. As it is still undergoing trials now, we do not have a clear date on the launch. Please do stay tuned with us and regularly check our news or the DFCSG fans Launch microsite for the latest updates.

DFCSG e-Store

The DFCSG e-Store is currently undergoing a major revamp and there is no clear date yet when will the upgraded DFCSG e-Store launch. We will definitely share more about it when we have the information ironed out.

Future roadmap

Getting back on track

Our club’s development roadmap was hindered by the COVID-19 Pandemic and we had to reposition ourselves to factor in changes brought to us by the Pandemic. Instead of eventually having a physical location where the club operates, the Pandemic let us decide to carry on with our current work measures of tele-commuting or work-from-home, which proved to be very successful. Our volunteers could help the club and focus on their own commitments in the current mode of operation, and we do not want to change this. Moving forward, our club will eventually transition to a 4-day work week which were very welcomed by the employees of some overseas organisations that implemented it. This means that our club will no longer focus on the work hours, but work done. Our ultimate end goal will be to totally scrap off a fixed-day work week, and adopt a minimum work down criteria mode which our founder and us believe is a much better mode of operation in our club, due to the volatility of our club’s monthly backlog.

The development roadmap is however, subject to change as we move ahead and whether or not the plan will be adopted fully depends on the decision of our founder and the helpers behind the club as this is a team’s work. Should there be any changes made to our operations which will affect the delivery of services, we will definitely share about it on our website and SNS.

Thank you

We would like to seize this opportunity to thank our fans, followers, and affiliates for staying with us and supporting us as we persist through the Pandemic. It certainly wasn’t easy and there is still a long way ahead for us to press on. We will definitely continue working our best to bring the fans of Doraemon in Singapore more wonderful news, events, and hopefully, benefits in the years to come! Stay Strong, Stay Safe! Thank you.

Signing off,
Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore
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