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Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore 7th Anniversary is around the corner

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In a blink of an eye, we are approaching the halfway mark of 2022, and that is a sign that Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore is about to enter its Anniversary month! Since founding, the club has been celebrating its anniversary every year, and during some of the celebrations, the club also organised giveaways or put up special promotions during the Anniversary month.

This year, the club will usher in the Anniversary mood by rolling out the Anniversary theme on our SNS, as well as the Anniversary themed cover on our Website as we close towards the Anniversary month. This will be done in a gradual pace and the full theme will only be rolled out during the Anniversary month. In today’s post, we will first be revealing our tagline for this year’s Anniversary. This year’s Anniversary tagline is “Our 7th Year”. The number “7” is being coloured with yellow and blue colours. The yellow and blue colours are the original and present colours of Doraemon.

Yellow colour, was the original colour of Doraemon when he was being created, and due to an incident, which results in Doraemon losing his ears, he started crying for a long time, which caused him to discolour, revealing the base colour of him. That results in the blue Doraemon that we all see now. To know the full story of how did Doraemon got his current appearance, fans can watch the Doraemon series about the Birth of Doraemon.

The reason of the club choosing yellow and blue colours for the number “7” is closely related to the original and present colours of Doraemon, and our club’s logo. The relation to the original and present colours of Doraemon is to remind fans and our club, about the beginning of Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore, and the future goals set. That is also one of the main reasons these colours were being picked as the club’s colours, which are effectively adopted and presented in all our Anniversary themes.

Coming up in the next release of this year’s theme will be the first cover image designed for this year’s Anniversary.


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