Doraemon The Movie 2021 In Cinemas From 23 June

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After a year’s delay, Doraemon The Movie: Nobita’s Little Star Wars 2021 will finally be coming to Singapore cinemas! What is different this time is the movie will not be showing in Golden Village cinemas, but Cathay Cineplexes! For fans who prefer Cathay Cineplexes for their more comfortable seats and environment, this is certainly a great piece of news!


The 2021 Doraemon movie will be exclusively available for screening at Cathay Cineplexes from 23 June 2022. Tickets are selling at SGD 13.00 each (excluding booking fee). Tickets are already available for purchase. Apart from the regular sessions, there will also be a Fan’s Screening session on 25 June 2022, at 1PM. Tickets are selling at SGD 35.00 each (excluding booking fee) and are also available for purchase now. Fans who are attending the Fan’s Screening session will be entitled to movie premiums which include a T-Shirt and two movie posters. Premiums can be collected one hour before the screening starts. Fans are required to present the physical tickets to collect the premiums.

Doraemon The Movie 2021 Fan's Screening

With the movie’s release being confirmed, we have also officially published our microsite for the movie. All of the movie’s information will be consolidated and released on the microsite. Simply click the button below to head to the microsite.


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