DFCSG 7th Anniversary Teaser Cover

Two weeks to our Anniversary month

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In about two weeks, we will be officially in our Anniversary month! We are very excited as we enter our Anniversary month this year! Since the pandemic, we were forced to scale down our Anniversary celebrations, but it is different this time! We will be celebrating this year without the major effects of COVID-19! In about a week’s time, we will be releasing our final response to COVID-19 notice which will clarify on our club’s current position and future movements. It also marks the end of DFCSG operating under major restrictions due to COVID-19.

This year, the club is expecting more events to happen in Singapore, and one of it will definitely be the release of Doraemon The Movie 2021, which was delayed by a year. At the time of writing, there is still no information on the release in Singapore, but we will definitely monitor closely and share the news as soon as possible! There will be other events happening too and we will definitely share about them when we are allowed to. Hence, remember to like and follow us on our SNS and regularly check our website for the latest updates! (P.S. Coming up soon, when you join DFCSG fans, you will no longer need to regularly do these checks yourself. Stay tuned!)

In today’s release, we are also revealing the first DFCSG 7th Anniversary themed cover! The actual cover will be released when we officially step into our Anniversary month! We are just so excited about the actual cover as it is our first every Anniversary cover to be designed differently! Can you guess what will appear on the actual cover? Stay tuned.

In the next release, we will be announcing our DFCSG 7th Anniversary official hashtag and introduce you to some of the cool features of our new premium service, DFCSG fans!


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