Last chance to catch Doraemon The Movie: Nobita’s Little Star Wars 2021

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Have you watched the 2021 Doraemon movie which just been released in Singapore last Thursday? If you have not, today may be your last chance to catch the movie in Singapore’s cinemas before it is taken down! Under the impact of other movies which offer English audio, this year’s release of the 2021 Doraemon movie is not performing well enough to stay on the screens for even two weeks. Based on our observations, today’s 1:40PM session at Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure may be the last session of the movie, making it the Doraemon movie which is screened for the shortest period in Singapore, for only ten days from its release.


Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore understand that the movie has been underperforming since release as compared to previous releases. This may be due to other English titles that are being allocated more and better screen times by the cinema. We have observed on Cathay Cineplexes online booking site and found out that there are no more screenings scheduled after today, 2 July 2022, which leads us to the conclusion that today’s session will probably be the final screening for the movie in Singapore.

The last time a Doraemon movie underperformed and resulted in the movie being taken off the screens earlier than expected was in 2017 when the movie was released at the same period as another English movie which snatched away most screen times during the screening period. Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore however managed to negotiate with the cinemas showing the movie then to add in another two final screen times over the weekend’s afternoon which attracted a reasonable amount of viewers.

However, this year, the club do not see any chance of being able to negotiate with Cathay Cineplexes to arrange for better timings for the 2021 Doraemon movie due to the movie’s bad performance during its first week of screening, with most halls not even quarter filled. The club predicts that if the trend continues, it is possible that the movie distributors will not be interested to bring in future Doraemon movies, meaning Doraemon movies may never be shown in Singapore screens anymore.


Founder of Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore