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New service launch! DFCSG fans email

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It’s been a long time since we last offered email subscription service. Today, we would like to announce that the email subscription service is making a comeback ahead of our DFCSG fans premium service’s launch! For more information about DFCSG fans premium service, please have a look at our DFCSG fans microsite.

The new DFCSG fans email service is a free service that we are launching to bring fans dedicated email new updates and to share fans-limited promotion. This service will eventually be part of our statistical counter on our club’s fan base. Although it is sharing the same name as our yet-to-be-launched premium service, it is operating separately from it and both are operating on totally different platforms.

We strongly encourage fans, local or overseas, to subscribe to our DFCSG fans email service so fans won’t miss out on fans’ special events or promotions and deals specially catered for Doraemon fans in Singapore!

Here’s how to subscribe, simply head to our Contact page and fill in the subscription form! Don’t forget to confirm your email after subscribing.


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