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Solvil et Titus Unveils Exquisite Limited Edition “Doraemon” Watch Series

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Wondrous encounters are where lifelong friendships grow.
The bond of a cherished friendship strengthens over time.
Introducing the Solvil et Titus new limited edition Doraemon watch series,
A nostalgic revisit to the timeless companion of generations,
It offers inspiration for every daring expedition,
Transforming challenging and delightful moments shared,
Into smiles and tears that blossom into treasured memories of youth.
Only the bond of companionship will forever remain throughout time.

Sovil et Titus

Renowned watch brand Solvil et Titus is proud to introduce its latest offering, an exquisite limited edition watch series inspired by the heartwarming friendship portrayed in the beloved story of “Doraemon.” This collection beautifully captures the cherished moments shared by Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Takeshi, and Suneo, radiating a comforting warmth that evokes laughter and tears. Paying homage to the Secret Gadgets from the series, including the whimsical “Bamboo Copter,” the remarkable “Anywhere Door,” the enigmatic “Time Machine,” and the enchanting “Love Arrow,” this series is sure to captivate the imaginations of children and invoke nostalgic memories for generations.

The Solvil et Titus “Doraemon” limited edition watch series showcases six captivating designs, each dedicated to one of the main characters and their treasured possessions. Notably, it beautifully captures the inseparable bond between Doraemon and his sister, Dorami, while also paying tribute to Doraemon’s love for Dorayaki, a delightfully sweet treat.

The Perse Collection “Doraemon” Limited-Edition Ceramic Watches

Perse Collection “Doraemon” Limited Edition Midnight Blue Ceramic Watch – Price: $740 (Limited to 300 pieces)
Perse Collection “Doraemon” Limited Edition Rose Gold with Blue Ceramic Watch – Price: $740 (Limited to 200 pieces)

This series revolves around a tightly-knit group of five individuals whose unique bond grows stronger through endless meetings and adventures. Despite occasional arguments and playful teasing, their unwavering camaraderie exemplifies the true essence of genuine friendship. The watches in the Perse Collection feature a midnight blue stainless steel case, accompanied by a matching ceramic clasp bracelet. Intricate engravings of Doraemon’s iconic neck bell on the crown and delicate bells on the outer ring of the dial add to the charm. With rose gold silhouettes of Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Takeshi, and Suneo on the even-numbered hour markers and the whimsical “Bamboo Copter” in flight, these timepieces beautifully capture the cherished memories shared by the beloved characters.

The Aspira Collection “Doraemon” Limited Edition Mechanical Skeleton Watches

Aspira Collection “Doraemon” Limited Edition Stainless Steel Mechanical Watch – Price: $740 (Limited to 200 pieces)
Aspira Collection “Doraemon” Limited Edition Midnight Blue Stainless Steel Mechanical Watch – Price: $810 (Limited to 200 pieces)

Drawing inspiration from Doraemon’s love for dorayaki, the Aspira Collection features a blue transparent dial with a cute depiction of Doraemon enjoying the delightful treat. The crown is engraved with the bell around Doraemon’s neck, and the transparent glass back showcases Doraemon’s affection for Dorayaki. With options for a midnight blue or stainless steel case and a sea blue dial, these watches exhibit a charming brushstroke painting style, adding a touch of uniqueness to each timepiece.

The Aspira Collection “Doraemon” Limited Edition Multi-function Watch

Aspira Collection “Doraemon” Limited Edition Multi-Function Watch – Price: $610 (Limited to 600 pieces)

Highlighting the deep bonds between Doraemon and his sister Dorami, this collection embraces the Japanese-style traditional design in its illustrations. The midnight blue stainless steel case and bracelet perfectly complement the watch, while the gold crown features an exquisite engraving of Doraemon’s iconic bell. The blue dial showcases intricate Japanese patterns, with Dorami’s exclusive yellow and Doraemon’s iconic blue adorning the small dials at 3 and 9 o’clock, respectively. These timepieces capture the essence of Doraemon and Dorami’s sibling connection while incorporating the richness of Japanese tradition.

The Once Collection “Doraemon” Limited Edition Watches

Once Series “Doraemon” Limited Edition Watch with Light Gold Mesh Strap – Price: $460 (Limited to 300 pieces)
Once Series “Doraemon” Limited Edition Watch with Leather Strap – $460 (Limited to 300 pieces)

Symbolizing an unbreakable bond filled with deep affection and a willingness to do anything for each other, the Once Collection takes inspiration from Doraemon’s mystical artifact, the “Love Arrow.” Its vintage-inspired design features delicate Roman numerals, skeleton hands, and a sketch of a blissful Doraemon at the 6 o’clock position. The light gold-colored case back showcases an engraved depiction of the “Love Arrowabove the sketched rendition of the Doraemon logo, accompanied by the limited-edition number. The Once Collection offers two variants: one with a light gold-colored mesh band for an elegant and modern look, and another with a dark brown croco-style leather strap for a luxurious and classic touch.

The Modernist Collection “Doraemon” Limited Edition Chronograph Watches

Modernist Series “Doraemon” Limited Edition Blue Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch – Price: $540 (Limited to 500 pieces)
Modernist Series “Doraemon” Limited Edition Black Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch – Price: $540 (Limited to 500 pieces)

Inspired by the thrilling adventures facilitated by the “Anywhere Door,” the Modernist Collection pays homage to this iconic gadget. Available in midnight blue or black stainless steel, these chronograph watches feature light gold-colored buttons and crown. The design showcases the enduring friendship between Doraemon and Nobita, with delightful depictions of the characters on the inner dials. The rose gold case back is engraved with an image of the two embarking on an adventure with the “Anywhere Door,” along with the Doraemon logo and the limited-edition number.

The Nordic Tale Collection “Doraemon” Limited Edition Watches

Nordic Tale Series “Doraemon” Limited Edition Blue Leather Strap Watch – Price: $340 (Limited to 350 pieces)
Nordic Tale Series “Doraemon” Limited Edition Light Gold Fabric Strap Watch – $380 (Limited to 350 pieces)

Embarking on a thrilling journey aboard the remarkable “Time Machine,” Doraemon and Nobita face challenges that strengthen their friendship and create unforgettable experiences. The Nordic Tale Collection captures this essence with enchanting designs that transcend the constraints of time. With a focus on a three-layer oval bezel, delicate Roman numerals, and skeleton hands, these watches feature a sketch of Doraemon at the 6 o’clock position, as if struck by Cupid’s Arrow. The light gold-colored caseback showcases an engraved depiction of Doraemon’s iconic “Cupid’s Arrow,” the Doraemon logo, and the limited-edition number.

The Solvil et Titus “Doraemon” limited edition watch series is a testament to the enduring popularity of the beloved characters and their heartfelt stories. These meticulously crafted timepieces serve as timeless reminders of friendship, love, and cherished memories. Whether it’s reliving the adventures of Doraemon and his friends, embracing the magic of the “Anywhere Door,” or celebrating the bond between siblings, these watches offer a unique blend of elegance and nostalgia. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of this limited-edition collection and carry the spirit of “Doraemon” with you wherever you go.

To ensure the authenticity of each timepiece, every Solvil et Titus “Doraemon” Limited Edition Watch comes with a certificate bearing a unique serial number. The collection also includes an exclusive Doraemon watch box, a Doraemon printed tote bag, and a watch cleaning cloth, adding to the overall luxury and appeal of the collection.

Enthusiasts and fans eager to acquire these exquisite timepieces can mark their calendars for the official launch of the “Doraemon” Limited Edition Watch Collection on July 6, 2023, at 12 PM. The watches will be available for purchase through two channels: online and in-store.

For online purchases, customers can visit Solvil et Titus’s official website. The website provides a convenient and secure platform for customers to explore the collection and place their orders.

Alternatively, customers can experience the collection in person at the Solvil et Titus Takashimaya Boutique, located at 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, #B1-36A, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Singapore 238872. The boutique offers a unique opportunity for customers to view and try on the timepieces before making their purchase.

With the official launch of the Solvil et Titus “Doraemon” Limited Edition Watch Collection just around the corner, enthusiasts and fans of the iconic series should prepare themselves well for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of this remarkable collection.


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