Celebrating our 4th Anniversary

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Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore is now #ProgressingToFive years old!. This year, Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore will be celebrating her 4th Anniversary and have launched a special promotion on 11th May 2019! The promotion is expected to last through 30th June 2019.

Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore will be officially 4 this 11th June! Similarly to last year, we have a slogan for each year. This year, our slogan is “Progressing To Five”, signifying how far we have come and finally turning five next year! The slogan also shows that we are looking forward to the future and anticipating to change!

We in DFCSG believe that change is necessary for us to improve and be better. However, progressing forward is tough for us due to the constraints that we are facing now. Nonetheless, we still look forward and are determined to continue improving ourselve to bring better services to the fans in Singapore.


Founder of Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore