DFCSG 5th Anniversary Celebration Plan Changes – Update #5

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Dear all,

Events & Sales

All events services will continue to be ceased until further notice, therefore, all DFCSG 5th Anniversary Celebration events are cancelled. There will not be any public DFCSG 5th Anniversary Celebrations this year. As the DFCSG e-Store will continue to be closed, there will not be any 5th Anniversary sales this anniversary month.


Although there will not be any events to celebrate the club’s 5th Anniversary, Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore will still promote our 5th Anniversary as we step closer to our founding date. A short video of around 30 seconds will be released on 11th June 2020, on the club’s SNS as well as Official website to commemorate the special occasion. The promotion will highlight on the club’s 5th Anniversary theme, “Where fans meet”, and emphasize on DFCSG being the first and the only Doraemon Fan Club in Singapore as well as how we bring Doraemon closer to Singapore fans with the DFCSG brands. It also serves as a promotion for the club to reach more people.


As we celebrate our 5th Anniversary, we want to highlight that without the help of our volunteers, past and present, the club will not be where it is today. Hence, for the first time in DFCSG’s history, volunteers who are currently helping with the club’s operations and meets the requirements will be receiving a specially prepared gift as a gesture of appreciation. Some past volunteers who have made significant contributions to the club’s development and meets the requirements will also be receiving this special gift. All eligible recipients will be receiving an email or message by 1st June 2020 to submit their details for the gift to be delivered to them.

Take care!
Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore


Founder of Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore