Doraemon “STAY HOME” Special – DFCSG English version

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As part of our #SGUnited initiative, we have created an English version of the Doraemon “STAY HOME” Special posters and wallpapers based on the original Japanese version. All posters and wallpapers are copyright to FujikoPro, the owner of the posters and wallpapers.

Should there be any infringement of rights, please contact us at to request us to remove them. Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore will not bear any responsibility in the further alteration and reproduction (except printing non-edited version of the wallpapers and posters directly downloaded from the microsite) of the wallpapers and posters, if any, posted on this page. The wallpapers and posters are for free usage and should not be used for monetary gains (e.g. sale). In case of dispute, Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore’s decision shall be final.


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