Doraemon Space LED SimplyGo EZ-Link card
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New Doraemon EZ-Link card that lights on every tap

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After the Doraemon EZ-Link Charm that was released not too long ago, EZ-Link is releasing yet another EZ-Link product that lights up! The new Doraemon EZ-Link Card will have a component that lights up on every tap, similar to the EZ-Link Charm, which was sold out in a surprisingly short period of time. The new design of the card features space travel as the theme with Doraemon sitting in a UFO flying from a planet, which will light up every time you tap the card.

The Doraemon EZ-Link card will be sold at SGD 15.00 each with a load value of SGD 3.00, limited to a maximum of 5 cards per customer.

You can purchase the cards at any Challenger stores.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Important notice:

DFCSG stands firmly against unauthorised resellers who resells limited merchandise like the Doraemon EZ-Link cards and EZ-Link charms at higher than retail price. If you happen to see these listings online, please report the listing to the platform where the listings are published and do not purchase from them. Purchasing from unauthorised sources may lead you to suffer unintended losses which may arise from issues such as but not limited to, defects, cosmetic damages and/or receiving a product which is different from the description. Hence, DFCSG strongly encourages you to stand against these resellers and not be the next victim.


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