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New Doraemon bedsheets from Intero Inc

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Our partner Intero Inc has just released a series of new Doraemon designs for their bedsheets! Fans can purchase them directly from Intero Inc online or at the retail store. The bedsheets are on a seasonal promo now too, which makes it more of the reason why you should purchase them now!

However, if you can wait, the club is currently in discussion to offer the merchandise on our platform at a fans-only price. For you to be the first to enjoy the special rates, you will need to be a DFCSG fans member by subscribing to our DFCSG fans premium service. You can also subscribe to the free DFCSG fans email service for updates on fans’ promotion or fans-limited events. Depending on the speciality of the promotion, these cool benefits will be shared via different platforms!

Back to the bedsheets, there are a total of four designs in this release.

From SGD 49.00, you will be able to get your own set of Doraemon bedsheets from Intero Inc. Furthermore, you can purchase online, which makes it simpler for you! All you have to do is just click, buy and wait till the bedsheets are shipped to you! If you can’t wait any longer, why not order now? If you can wait, subscribe to our DFCSG email service for the latest updates on the official launch of DFCSG fans premium service and the release of the fans-limited rates available just for subscribers of the premium service.


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