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New Products Launch on DFCSG e-Store

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Following the successful launch of the DFCSG 7th Anniversary Pre-Order Sale, we have decided to bring in more of the hit products from the Pre-Order Sale, as well as a little more choices on the products in the same category.

A new Eco Bag series line is now available on DFCSG e-Store for fans and locals to make their purchases. This new series line will not be restocked when sold out. All products’s prices are inclusive of International Shipping but exclusive of Local Shipping as Local Shipping will be charged at check out. Prices for products in the Eco Bag series start from SGD 22.60. Hurry visit our Official DFCSG e-Store and check out your favourite Doraemon Eco Bag! The next time when you go shopping, you may be bringing Doraemon or his 4D pocket!

All funds raised from the sale of merchandises will be used for the club’s operating costs and other club-related expenses. We strongly encourage local Doraemon fans to support the club by purchasing with us.


Founder of Doraemon Fan Club, Singapore