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First EZ-Link Charm in 2023 released on 1 February

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The first Doraemon EZ-Link Charm released in 2023 is now available for purchase. For the first time, the design of this new EZ-Link Charm is Dorami’s design! Hence, allow us to correct the name of the product here. Instead of Doraemon EZ-Link Charm, the EZ-Link Charm’s official name according to the EZ-Link shop is Dorami LED EZ-Link Charm. Similar to her brother’s version of the EZ-Link Charm, Dorami’s bell will light up on every tap! That’s pretty cool, right?

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Selling at SGD 16.90 ea, the Dorami LED EZ-Link Charm does not come with any load value and is exclusively available on Shopee only! Hit on the button below to visit EZ-Link’s Shopee store and make your purchase now. Limited stocks available.


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